Possible FREE 4 Pack of Friskies Lil’ Cat Food Complements

By | May 24, 2023

Calling all SampleSource members! Run, go now and check your email to see if you’ve been invited into their newest VIP offer for a FREE 4 Pack of Friskies Lil’ Cat Food Complements! Subject “Special VIP member offer!” Sender will be “newsletter@samplesource.com”

Delight your cat with Friskies Lil’ cat food complements!

Perfectly sized for a treat or meal topper, these convenient pouches open the door to imaginative mealtime combinations.

How you serve it is up to you! Toss it on top of their wet food, mix it in some crunchy kibble for a change of texture, or thrill your cat with a Lil’ treat!

While quantities last, and first ordered first served, we will send you these samples of Friskies to try, and then we will send you a quick survey to get your thoughts. Easy!

Make sure to log in quickly as quantities are limited and first ordered first served!

Note: The link can only be used once, and cannot be shared with anybody.

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