Possible Free VSPink PINK Coconut Mini Lotion

By | May 23, 2023

Possible Free VSPink PINK Coconut Mini Lotion

New freebie alert! Follow the instructions below and watch your newsfeed on Facebook and/or Instagram to score a free sample

  1. Like their page, like a few posts and make a couple comments on FB here and/or Instagram here and/or TikTok here
  2. Do a Google, Facebook and/or Instagram search for VSPink PINK Coconut Mini Lotion
  3. Now keep your eyes peeled on your newsfeed. If you get lucky you’re now in the targeted audience and the ad will pop up to claim your sample. You don’t have to stalk your newsfeed, it may not be an instant popup, and may take a few days for you go to get lucky.
  4. Come back to Freebie Alley Group and let us know if you get it!

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