Possible Free MALIN + GOETZ Retinol Correcting Serum

By | January 5, 2023

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Check your POPSUGAR Dabble accounts for a new sample – hurry and let us know if you get it! If you’re not a member, sign up it’s free

What is POPSUGAR Dabble?

POPSUGAR Dabble is an online membership community through which we’ll send you products to try, in exchange for your feedback. When you sign up, you’ll build a personal profile and we will use this information to help select products that we think you’ll love. POPSUGAR Dabble is completely free to join!

Why haven’t I received a sample offer from POPSUGAR Dabble for a while?

POPSUGAR Dabble works by matching members’ unique profiles to the product samples that we have available. We’ll only send you offers that we think you’ll like, which may sometimes mean that you don’t receive offers for every brand we work with… but we’re confident that you’ll love what we do send you!

When our team find something perfect for you, you will receive an email offering a sample. If you haven’t received an offer from us for a while, it’s a good idea to check your spam folder to make sure they’re reaching your inbox.

Why does my offer email say the product is out of stock?

Due to the popularity of POPSUGAR Dabble, product samples are often claimed very quickly by other members, who have also been offered it due to their profile preferences. Once all of the samples have been fully allocated, we are unable to accept new orders and you’ll see a message letting you know that we’re out of stock.

How do I leave a review for my sample?

The product will appear in the ‘To Review’ area of your account page once it has been shipped, and you’ll be able to leave feedback after seven days. If you haven’t already left a review, around three weeks after your sample has been sent, you will also receive an email reminder. This email will contain a link to a form where you can let us know what you thought.

What do I do if I haven’t received my free sample?

It can take up to three weeks for samples to be delivered. Very occasionally, samples can go missing in the postal system. We are sorry we are not able to offer a replacement as there are limited free samples available.

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