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By | January 5, 2023

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Join the Genexa community – it’s free to sign up! You will have the chance to score exclusive offers, try new products, and talk with a community that gets it. A community of like-minded people who are fed up with big medicine using ingredients we don’t need. They’re passionate about real medicine, made clean. The same effective medicine but Free of common allergens, Free of artificial dyes, Free of artificial fillers, Free of unnecessary ingredients

Reader Danielle told me about this one. She joined and recently got accepted to try a free bottle of cough syrup!

Connect with others: Connect with like-minded people who are interested in a new way to get better and believe it’s time for real medicine made clean. Participate in engaging and interesting discussions and share tips and ideas.

Insider access: Get exclusive access to Genexa. Founded by two Dads who believe in putting people over everything, Genexa is the first clean medicine company. You’ll have opportunities to try free samples and receive exclusive offers.  

Share your feedback: By participating in surveys, you’ll have opportunities to contribute your thoughts. Sharing your feedback is also the best way to get matched to the right activities. You’ll earn points, badges, and preview products.  

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