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By | November 22, 2022

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Goat milk has all the benefits of pure, real dairy such as high protein, calcium and potassium, but is easier to digest vs. cow milk thanks to lower lactose and being naturally composed of primarily A2 casein. Superior to plant-based dairies that often add oils like sunflower or rapeseed and have little, if any, natural protein.

Goat milk is creamy, delicious and has clean, piquant flavor which is #1 reason more people worldwide drink goat milk than any other dairy milk (65% of the world’s population in fact)!

Meyenberg’s fluid milk is proudly Certified Humane and sourced from 25 Central California goat dairies, many of which they’ve worked with for decades. Goats are also easier on the environment, consuming less water per gallon of milk produced vs. cows. Meyenberg has been providing the goodness of goat milk to people coast to coast since 1934.


Whole Goat Milk: Goat Milk, Vitamin D3. Contains: Dairy. 

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