Free Safety Kit

By | November 9, 2022

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Free safety kit of your choice + Free shipping! You are allowed to request more than one kit!  You can choose from: First Aid Kit, Hygiene Kit, Medication Lock Kit, Medication Disposal Kit & more. Head over and check out their available kits – or you can even create a custom kit with specific items for your needs. Note: Due to delayed shipping or unforeseen circumstances, some items may not be available and may have to be substituted. The supply requests are accepted until grant funding is no longer available.

First-Aid Kit

Act early! Early detection and treatment of non-healing wounds can prevent severe complications, such as infection, hospitalization, or amputation.

• Band-Aids

• Gloves

• Gauze Bandage

• CPR Mouth Guards

• Antiseptic Towelettes

• Antibiotic Ointment

• Saline Water Vials

• Tourniquet

Hygiene Kit

• Hairbrush

• Lip Balms

• Bar Soap

• Shampoo

• Deodorant

• Q-Tips

• Cotton Balls

• Sunscreen

• Toothpaste

• Toothbrush

• Maxi-Pads

• Tampax Tampons

• Ponytail Holders

• Hand Sanitizer

• Flushable Wipes

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