FREE 5 Pack of “Saved by the Smell” Air Fresheners

By | November 7, 2022

FREE 5 Pack of “Saved by the Smell” Air Fresheners – follow the instructions below

  1. Enter Here & click GET FREE & enter your email address on the pop up
  2. You will get an email titled “👃 What’s that smell?”  click the CLAIM YOUR CARD button and download the digital wallet where you’ll store your Citizen Card & verify your email
  3. After you download your card and digital wallet, you will get an email titled “You’re a Citizen Now!” with a link to order your Fresh Scents for free and with no shipping costs

The Joketown Citizen Card is a free digital membership that gets you exclusive access to even more cool stuff we create for our Citizens, like:

  • + 24hr early access to all Mic Drop product launches
    (like Fresh Scents)
  • + Mic Drop Monthly Surprises
  • (Think discounts, free shipping, bonus items)
  • + Invites and access to JokeTown comedy events
  • + And new exclusive benefits added every couple of months