Possible FREE Jar of Freeze Dried Herbs

By | October 16, 2022

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Join or make a free Social Nature account. Click “apply to try” for the chance to get picked. Test out and review products for free! Right now you can try out a free jar of Freeze Dried Herbs

  • Get a voucher for a FREE jar of Freeze Dried Herbs, 0.14-0.95oz (4-27g)
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Note that Social Nature lately has been asking some users to pay for shipping. If this is the case, I do not recommend paying for shipping unless you really want to try the product.

Green Garden was created to serve those who live authentically… those who live in the world as it is – natural, simple and intriguing. They strive to offer reasons for bringing friends and family together in order to enjoy what they have and what could be. With Green Garden, you have the power to eat delicious plant-based foods.

Choose from 8 non-GMO freeze dried organic herbs to enhance your dishes!


Freeze Dried BasilOrganic Basil

Freeze Dried Chives: Organic Chives

Freeze Dried DillOrganic Dill

Freeze Dried Non-GMO Garlic: Freeze Dried Garlic

Freeze Dried Non GMO Ginger: Freeze Dried Ginger

Freeze Dried Oregano: Organic Oregano

Freeze Dried Parsley: Organic Parsley

Freeze Dried Thyme: Organic Thyme