Coppertone Sunscreen Class Action Settlement

By | September 18, 2022

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The lawsuit says that certain Coppertone spray sunscreen products contained benzene but were not marketed as such. Submit a claim form by November 7, 2022

Who’s eligible:

  • You are the class member if you purchased certain Coppertone spray sunscreen products purchased in the United States before August 2, 2022, that allegedly contained benzene  (1) Pure & Simple SPF 50; (2) Pure & Simple Kids SPF 50; (3) Pure & Simple Baby SPF 50; (4) Sport Mineral SPF 50; (5) Sport SPF 50; (6) Sport SPF 30; (7) Sport SPF 15; (8) Complete SPF 50; (9) Complete SPF 30; (10) Glow Shimmer SPF 50; (11) Glow Shimmer SPF 30; (12) Kids SPF 50. These products will be referred to in this notice as the “Covered Products.” The Settlement Class is defined as “all natural persons who, within the Class Period, purchased in the United States any of the Covered Products for personal, family or household use, and not resale.”

Potential Award Amount:

  • Class Members who timely submit a valid approved claim are entitled to receive Settlement compensation outlined as follows:

    • of your purchase price of the Covered Product(s) with a proof of purchase.
    • If a class member does not provide proof of purchase, the purchase price of the covered product(s) will be determined by the average retail price for up to six (6) Covered Products claimed per household plus a 10% allowance for sales tax.

Proof of Purchase: Not required

NOTE: If you do not qualify for this settlement do NOT file a claim