Keurig K-Cup Class Action Settlement

By | June 12, 2022


A 31 million dollar class action settlement has been reached to resolve the lawsuit that  Keurig violated antitrust laws by fixing the price of its Keurig K-Cup products

Keurig Class Action Settlement – claim deadline is July 15, 2021

Who’s eligible:

  • You are eligible if you are a resident of the United States who purchased Keurig K-Cup Portion Packs from retailers other than Keurig:
  • between Sept. 7, 2010, and Aug. 14, 2020, in all states other than Mississippi and Rhode Island,
  • between March 24, 2011, and Aug. 14, 2020, for Mississippi consumers,
  • or between July 15, 2013, and Aug. 14, 2020, for Rhode Island customers

Potential Award Amount:

  • If you provide a receipt for your purchase, reimbursement rates will  be 100% of the purchase price
  • If you do not provide a receipt for your purchase, but complete the claim form, you will receive a reimbursement rate that will vary from 0.75% to 100% depending on the state the purchase was made in

Proof of Purchase: Not required